The National Survey of Programs and Services for Homeless Families: The Red, White, and Blue Book is an online resource for service providers, advocates, researchers, and public policy makers working in the field of family homelessness. This guide provides a state-by-state snapshot of the interconnections between governmental and nonprofit work to end family homelessness.
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State briefs summarizing public and private initiatives to address family homelessness are available for all 50 states.
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The American Almanac of Family Homelessness, April 2013
The Almanac is a comprehensive resource that analyzes key issues surrounding homelessness among families with children, highlights successful programs and practices at the state and local levels, and features groundbreaking initiatives from across the country. Read an overview of the Almanac here.

Foreclosures and Homelessness: Understanding the Connection, January 2013
Intergenerational Disparities Experienced by Homeless Black Families, March 2012
A Tangled Web: Homeless Family Subpopulations and Their Overlapping Needs, November 2011
Does CoC Participation in SOAR Training Improve SSI/SSDI Enrollment?, November 2011
Housing Assistance Underfunded but Critical for Survivors of Domestic Violence, October 2011
Federal Funding Essential to Finding and Aiding Homeless Students, October 2011
Head Start's Positive Impact on Homeless Families, September 2011
Failures and Solutions: New Yorkers' Views on Homelessness, July 2011
On the Brink: Homelessness a Reality in the South Bronx, July 2011
The Beginning of the End of Transitional Housing? May 2011
Beyond Chronic Homelessness: A Review of Statewide Plans, March 2011
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